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Convert bike to stationary : How to fix a bike flat tire.

Convert Bike To Stationary

convert bike to stationary

  • not capable of being moved; "stationary machinery"

  • Not moving or not intended to be moved

  • (of a planet) Having no apparent motion in longitude

  • Not changing in quantity or condition

  • With wind generator towers, a tower that does not tilt up and down. The tower must be climbed or accessed with a crane to install or service equipment at the top.

  • standing still; "the car remained stationary with the engine running"

  • Change one's religious faith or other beliefs

  • a person who has been converted to another religious or political belief

  • Change or be able to change from one form to another

  • change from one system to another or to a new plan or policy; "We converted from 220 to 110 Volt"

  • Cause to change in form, character, or function

  • change the nature, purpose, or function of something; "convert lead into gold"; "convert hotels into jails"; "convert slaves to laborers"

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

convert bike to stationary - Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike

New on audio from Stephen King...an unabridged novella"as artful as anything he has ever written." (Booklist)
Climb aboard Stationary Bike -- a streamlined fever dream of a tale, in which an ordinary household object assumes otherworldly powers and a familiar journey takes a terrifying twist.
When commercial artist Richard Sifkitz finally gets around to having that physical he'd been putting off for years, and his cholesterol comes back dangerously high, he does what so many thirty-something, junk food-eating couch potatoes have done before him: he buys a stationary bike, and vows to ride it regularly.
Unlike many a mid-life exercise convert, however, Richard actually starts to ride his new stationary bike. A lot. Soon he's spending so much time on his bike that he decides to put his artistic talents to use and paint a mural on the wall opposite his stationary bike. But it turns out that Richard's mural is no ordinary picture -- and soon his stationary bike is taking him places he doesn't want to go...and can't stay away from.
A riveting riff on artistic frustration, midlife mortality, and hard-won redemption, Stationary Bike is a thrill ride that could come only from the mind of Stephen King.

89% (6)

Motobecane Le Champion 1977

Motobecane Le Champion 1977

I found this frame without a fork in a bike shop in Pittsburgh, PA in the late 80s. It was NOS and I was told that it was a warranty replacement frame that had been hanging in the back of their shop for years.

Later during the same trip I found the correct fork for it at a bike shop in Albuquerque, NM.

I put the frame together for off road cyclocross style riding. I used Stronglight 105bis cranks, 1st generation Suntour Cyclone derailleurs and Weinmann Carrera brakes. The wheels were 700c clinchers with Campy low flange hubs. It had a short reach 70mm Cinelli stem and 38cm bars for a more upright position.

The frame geometry was a little too twitchy for offroad and I didn't care for it on the street either so it spent many years as a stationary bike.

In 2006 I decided to convert it into a wet weather beater bike. I put on a set of Shimano wheels with an 8 speed cassette rear hub.

After a few rides I realized the problem was the narrow 38cm bars. After I put on a 44cm bar it became a joy to ride.

One day I was chasing a guy on a carbon bike up a hill. When I shifted to the 26T rear sprocket I felt the sickening crunch as the bike skidded to a stop. I'd sucked the rear derailleur.

The Cyclone RD was toast and the dropout was bent inward 45 degrees. I carried the bike 3 miles back to my car.

When I got home I field stripped the bike and gave the frame to a friend who wanted to try his hand at frame repairs.

He was able to straighten the dropout and built the frame back up with the current components.

Three resolutions in one

Three resolutions in one

1. Ride bike; lose weight.
2. Clean this room; convert to workroom.
3. Turn on new lathe; make pretty things.

January 15, 2007

convert bike to stationary

convert bike to stationary

Verseo Freedom Cycle Compact Digital Exercise Bike

Verseo Freedom Cycle Compact Portable Digital Exercise Bike w/ Electronic Timer. No need to squeeze exercise onto an already packed calendar, share a locker room with dozens of people, or master home-gym machinery that requires a PhD just to get started. The Verseo Freedom Cycle is a discreet, easy-to-use miniature exercise bike and the best part is you can use it anyplace - literally working out while you work. It fits in small spaces: under your desk, under the kitchen table, even in front of the couch while you catch up on your must-see TV. The Freedom Cycle lets you convert the floor space beneath your desk or table into your personal gym. FEATURES: - Speed Settings (RPM): 30/40/50/60 - Workout Timer Cycles (min): 3/6/9/12/15 minutes - Rotates: clockwise and counter clockwise - Display: shows rotations, workout time and calories burned The Verseo Freedom Cycle is a step above other compact exercise bikes because of the specially designed motor, allowing for exercise without the strenuous effort required to power conventional pedal machines. This is a multispeed bike with four speed settings and a workout timer with several settings to customize your workout. The handheld display shows rotation, time, and calories burned. The Freedom Cycle pedals both forwards and backwards. The Verseo Freedom Cycle gives you the freedom to get a top-notch, healthy cardiovascular workout anywhere in your home. Convert any chair into a fitness station! Features adjustable power, speed and timer settings, clockwise/counterclockwise pedal rotation, and auto program. Creates a less stressful, less strenuous exercise routine for a challenging, calorie-burning workout for hands or feet that improves circulation and overall health. 18 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 12 1/2", with 4 1/2' cord.

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