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Cat Eye Bicycle Light

cat eye bicycle light

    bicycle light
  • Bicycle lighting serves to increase the visibility of the bicycle rider to others in dark conditions, i.e. to increase the rider's conspicuity and to enhance the ability of the rider to see, illuminating the way forward.

    cat eye
  • (Cat-Eyes) A person who is able to see well in the dark.

It's the end of the week, time for batteries to be recharged

It's the end of the week, time for batteries to be recharged

This is the weekly line of some of my bicycle lights queuing to have their rechargeable batteries charged. I use mostly Sanyo 2700mah AAs for the high drain front steady lights, and Sanyo Eneloop AAs and AAAs for the lights that blink.

The Eneloops have lower power than the 2700s but do not discharge as much when not in use, perfect for blinkers.

From left to right, the lights are a pair of Fenix L2Ds, three Cat Eye TL-LD610s, an S-Sun EagleFly, a Cat Eye HL-EL320, and a Maxxon wireless brake light.

The Maxxon is quite cool. Using G-force technology similar to the Wii controller, it knows when you are applying the brakes of your bicycle and will emit a brake signal.

On Sunday nights, another queue starts. This time the bicycles themselves queue to get their tire pressure checked and tires pumped.

My new ride III: Dahon Curve D3

My new ride III: Dahon Curve D3

My new Dahon Curve D3 folding bicycle. Comes with 3-speeds via a Sturmey-Archer 3 hub, 16-inch Schwalbe Big Apple tires, integrated BioLogic™ Zorin PostPump seatpost pump and folds to a 34 x 60 x 65 cm size. Weight is about 11.4 kg (25.1 lbs).

I have added a Cat Eye HL-EL135 light for the handlebar, and a Cat Eye TL-LD 600 rear red blinker to the seatpost.

It is for my wife to ride on weekends. But I took it to the office for a spin. Despite the smaller wheels, I took about the same amount of time to ride to work. In fact, the ride was more fun. It is a very agile little fella.

cat eye bicycle light

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