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Bike rollers - Custom bike wheels.

Bike Rollers

bike rollers

  • A small cylinder on which hair is rolled in order to produce curls

  • (roller) a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore

  • (roller) a small wheel without spokes (as on a roller skate)

  • (roller) a grounder that rolls along the infield

  • A cylinder that rotates around a central axis and is used in various machines and devices to move, flatten, or spread something

  • An absorbent revolving cylinder attached to a handle, used to apply paint

  • motorcycle: a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • bicycle: a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • bicycle: ride a bicycle

  • A bicycle or motorcycle

bike rollers - CycleOps Aluminum

CycleOps Aluminum Roller Indoor Bicycle Trainer with Resistance

CycleOps Aluminum Roller Indoor Bicycle Trainer with Resistance

See your fitness-and your bike handling skills-improve when you add CycleOps rollers to your training program. You'll increase your balance, control and ability to ride a straight line, all of which translate to more efficiency, power and technique on the road. And because you have to pedal 100% of the time to balance your bike, you get an amazing workout. After a winter on rollers you'll be poised to lead the pack in the spring. Not only do rollers provide the most awesome stationary workout with incredible real-world ride feel, but they're also simple to set-up, store and transport. For warming up before a race or watching the time fly by during an indoor ride, rollers offer the ultimate in versatility and simplicity. CycleOps Aluminum rollers are a great starter set for indoor and outdoor use because they won't distort in heat or sunlight. This magnetic bar that works within the magnetic field of the rolling aluminum rear drum, allows you to increase the difficulty of your workout without any extra noise. CycleOps rollers can be conveniently folded for grab-and-go transport and out of the way storage, so training areas stay clutter-free. CycleOps Aluminum rollers are built to last and carry a lifetime warranty. Constructed from bi-fold tubular steel they can stand up to all sorts of abuse-like being tossed into the car, set up in parking lots at races, getting stepped on and the general rigors of daily use. We also guarantee that if anything ever breaks on it, we'll fix it or replace it. The 3.25-3.5" precision lathed drum diameters offer an optimal range of resistance with a super smooth ride and the adjustable wheel base fits just about any size bike. Rubber foot pads ensure that the only thing moving on the rollers are the drums so you get a secure, sturdy ride. Because mastering the rollers can take a few tries, the 16" wide base gives you room to move around until you're holding a straight line like never before.

The CycleOps AL Roller Bicycle Trainer with Resistance allows you to practice skills while riding indoors, so you can get serious about your form any time of year. The solid steel frame construction, extra wide stance, and six floor contact points, allow you to ride with confidence and get on and off your bike easily. CycleOps precision roller drums make for a smooth and quiet ride, while the bi-fold design makes for easy storage and transport. Precision-lathed 3.25-inch aluminum rollers will not distort when exposed to heat or sunlight, and the truly sealed bearings help deliver a bump-free ride. Plus, you can step it up a notch with five levels of quiet magnetic resistance that uses a unique, no-moving-parts design.

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The minimal texture on the rollers is enough to steer your wheel right off when you get tired and start losing control of your balance.

still much more fun than an ordinary stationary trainer would be.

rollers blood & bike

rollers blood & bike

After the roller wreck I had to pick up the bike before i went in to clean up

bike rollers

bike rollers

Minoura  Action Advantage Rollers  Trainer


Offering both strength, skill, and endurance training for cyclists, the Action Advantage Roller Trainer from Minoura features smaller 80-millimeter diameter rollers for natural resistance. Equipped with a high-quality yet lightweight alloy metal frame and rollers, the Action Advantage offers the a blend of durability and portability. The sturdy frame folds easily in two for storage and weighing just over 10 pounds is easy to take to the race with you. The Action Advantage is compatible with the foot-step and front-guard accessories (sold separately) and can be mounted with an additional magnetic resistance unit to offer 7 training levels (also sold separately). Backed by a 1-year warranty for the roller drum and a 5-year warranty for the frame, the Action Advantage Roller Trainer is a great choice for cyclists looking for a portable and versatile training system with the durability for long term use.

With 80-millimeter diameter roller drums, the Action Advantage simulates roughly the resistance level of a headwind on a flat road.
Natural Resistance and Optional Adjustable Resistance:
With 80-millimeter diameter roller drums, the Action Advantage Roller Trainer achieves natural pedal resistance, roughly equivalent to the simulation of head wind on a flat road. The smaller 80-millimeter diameter also closes the distance gap between bike and the floor for a safer feel when riding. Recognizing that some riders may want more resistance to meet their training goals, an additional "Mag" magnetic resistance unit (sold separately) can be installed on the Action Advance frame. The Mag unit offers 7 levels of resistance operated by a manual unit. The unit is driven by a V-belt and does not have a remote shifting device to reduce the potential danger caused by the long cable that could be caught in the crank arm or wheel while riding.
Adjustable and Foldable Alloy Frame:
The Action Advance Roller Trainer has a simple, fold-in-two frame design for easy storage. Constructed with light and strong alloy metal, the lightweight frame is easy to transport yet exceptionally stable when in use with a bike. In addition, the frame's alloy material is rust resistant to protect it from sweat produced during the workout. To accommodate your bike as perfectly as possible, the frame's front roller has 5 adjustable positions and the rear roller has 2 adjustable positions. The Action Advantage can be used with wheel sizes from: 24-inch/650c to 27-inch/700c wheels. The exact compatible wheelbase size is from 95 to 109 centimeters (+/-10 millimeters).
Metal Alloy Versus Plastic Roller Drums:
Minoura chooses to use metal roller drums instead of the plastic common to other brands for several key reasons: (1) Metal drums create less static electricity making it more comfortable to use the rollers in winter when the air is drier. (2) Metal drums retain their trueness within a range of 0.05 to 0.1 millimeters for drastically reduced vibration. Plastic drums cannot keep proper trueness and create perceptible vibration when in use. (3) The standard cylindrical metal drums are found by Minoura to perform better than their conical plastic counterparts. (4) Metal drums have a harder surface that cannot be marred by the bike tires when brakes are unintentionally applied.
Resistance Adjustability: 7 levels, non-remote with purchase of the Mag unit (sold separately
Compatible bike wheel sizes: 24-inch/650c to 27-inch/700c
Roller drum size: 8 by 36 centimeters
Dimensions (diameter by width): 131 by 49 centimeters
Wheelbase adjustability: 97 to 109 centimeters
Net weight: 10.14 pounds / 4.6 kilograms
Maximum load (including bike weight): 264.6 pounds / 120 kilograms
Benefits of Using a Roller Trainer:
The biggest benefit of using the roller trainer is the natural riding feel that it offers. Unlike a stationary bike, when you use the roller you must steer a little to maintain your balance on the freely spinning roller drums. Because steering adjustments change very quickly on rollers, you need to keep a correct riding position--sitting on the saddle center properly and holding the handlebars softly. The roller trainer encourages you to develop the an improvedposition for riding on actual road--where you achieve your maximum performance with minimum power.
The roller trainer is focused on developing your total riding skill for increased speed rather than on building up muscles, as you would on a stationary resistance trainer. The roller trainer helps you learn the correct riding position and a more effective pedaling technique for a faster and more powerful performance when you are on the road. Once you master riding on rollers, you will be able to ride on the road more smoothly, safely, and with greater speed.
How to Use the Roller Trainer:
Position your roller trainer close enough to a wall or hand rail so that you can touch the wall easily from the bike. When you first get on bike you can support your body by holding the wall or handrail. The bike's gear position should be in the middle setting, not too light and not too heavy. Apply your main weight to the center of the saddle. Adjust your hip position to sit in the exact center of the saddle. If your hip position is off the center, you won't be able to ride rollers correctly. Hold the bike's handlebars gently--if you use a drop-bar, hold the top-bar just next to the stem--if you use a flat-bar, hold the metal part of the handlebar. This positioning helps you maintain your balance and symmetry. Do not look down--looking down will interfere with your sense of balance. Raise up your head to look 6 to 10 feet ahead. Begin pedaling while gently supporting your body by holding the wall. If you are confident with your balance you can let go of the wall and increase your speed. If you are not so confident, pedal slowly and concentrate on keeping the bike vertical. Gradually reduce the amount of weight that you are holding against the wall and concentrate on keeping the bike vertical. When you achieve stability try to remove your hand from the wall and promptly grab the handlebar. Do not apply any unnecessary force to the handlebar. Try to keep your speed at 12 miles per hour or faster. Try to change your pedaling style from just pushing down to "spinning" the pedal. To stop on rollers, do not apply any brake, just stop pedaling to reduce the speed. Just before you lose balance when the bike is almost stopped, reach your arm to the wall for support.
Safety Guidelines:
Beginners should be supported by a skilled helper. Using the rollers along a wall or handrail increases rider safety.
Do not apply any force to handlebar, and sit in the center of the saddle.
Dancing on rollers is not recommended.
Set the front roller in the correct position to fit your bike's wheelbase perfectly. If the front roller is in wrong position, you may fall off.
Do not apply brake at all times on rollers. You will lose balance and fall off suddenly. To stop training, just stop pedaling and wait until the speed is reduced.
Check the tire air pressure before use. Roller drum compresses the tire much harder than ground, so if the air pressure is low, the tire will be deformed and may be damaged.
To avoid injury, never touch the spinning wheel, roller, or belt when in use. Keep children and pets away from rollers during sessions.
On rollers, the front wheel also spins. Do not hang a towel on the top-tube or handlebar to avoid accidents.
Do not stand on the roller drums.
What's in the Box?
Action Advantage Roller Trainer, instruction manual, warranty policy card

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