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Bicycles Computers

bicycles computers

  • An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program

  • A person who makes calculations, esp. with a calculating machine

  • (computer) a machine for performing calculations automatically

  • (computing) computer science: the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures

  • (computing) calculation: the procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods

  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel

  • ride a bicycle

  • (bicycle) a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

  • The Bicycles are an indie rock quartet from Toronto, Ontario composed of Matt Beckett, Drew Smith, Dana Snell, and Andrew Scott (formerly of The Meligrove Band).

bicycles computers - Cateye CC-MC100W

Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless 10-Function Bicycle Computer (Silver)

Cateye CC-MC100W Micro Wireless 10-Function Bicycle Computer (Silver)

The Micro is CatEye's most popular wireless computer. It has 10 functions and 12 features, including LED backlight, manual odometer re-set, and a bracket that will mount on both stem and handlebar. This is the wireless computer for any style of riding.
Current speed
Maximum speed
Average speed
Elapsed time
Trip distance
Average speed
Elapsed time
Trip distance
Stem and handlebar mount
Programmable odometer
Universal bracket and sensor mount
Pace arrow
Dual tire size
Programmable speed unit
Auto or manual start/stop
Sleep mode
Auto power-saving modeSpecifications:
Battery: CR2032 (main unit and sensor)
Handlebar mount size: 22-32mm
Fork mount size: 11-50mm
Front fork speed sensor
Wireless transmission distance up to 70cm - 27 inches

78% (11)

My Ingenious Smartphone/Bike Computer Setup

My Ingenious Smartphone/Bike Computer Setup

I found a great Google app for Android called My Tracks that does everything a bike computer does, and then some. It uses the GPS from your phone to record your speed, avg speed, elevations, and your route. Hit a button and it records your route and time and then uploads your data to Google Docs. Nifty, huh?

The only trick is, how do you get your smartphone on your bike? Well, you do it with three things:

Handlebar strap for a light
Hard plastic case for your phone
Crazy Glue

I'll let you figure out the steps to put it together.

Bicycle computer mount

Bicycle computer mount

Magnet hold the computer to the bottom of the dashboard. A piece of inner tube protects the paintwork.

Anti-Rattle device on the handbrake beyond (elastic band!)

bicycles computers

bicycles computers

Cateye CC-TR300TW Triple Wireless Cadence and Heart Rate Bicycle Computer

The V3 offers the latest 2.4GHz digital data transmission and virtually eliminates interference and cross-talk, while the large screen simultaneously displays speed, cadence, heart rate and time information.
Automatic second bike recognition
3 lines of display with 4 readouts
Speed/distance/time features: speed - average speed - max speed - speed pacer - distance - total distance - countdown distance - total time - timer - clock - date and auto or manual start/stop
Cadence features: cadence - average cadence - max cadence
Heart rate (HR) features: 4 programmable HR zones - HR, average HR - max HR - HR pacer - calorie expenditure
FlexTight mounting brackets for Bar/Stem and fork
Signal range: 5 meters
Ships with computer head, chain stay mounted cadence/speed sensor and Heart rate chest strap
2.4GHz digital wireless ID coded technology means no interference and quick updating data
Single chainstay-mounted transmitter for cadence and speed
Item Specifications
Heart RateIncluded
GPS EnabledNo

Featuring Cateye's exclusive ID-coded double wireless system, this bicycle computer provides three windows displaying four readouts. In addition to displaying the rider's heart rate, functions offered are the following: current cadence; average cadence; maximum cadence; total pedal revolution; resettable total distance; resettable distance unit; lap number; lap timer; lap distance; lap average cadence; lap average speed; current speed; average speed; second average speed; maximum speed; split timer; elapsed time; second elapsed time; total time; clock time; trip distance; total distance; second trip distance. The single user-friendly transmitter mounts on the left chainstay. Like all Cateye bicycle computers, this one is ultrasonically welded and water-resistant.
About Cateye
Founded in 1946 in Osaka, Japan, CatEye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, lights, and reflectors to cyclists in the world. In 1964, CatEye was the first in the industry to create a flashing lamp for bicycles, followed by their first battery headlamp in 1982, and the very first bicycle head lamp using white LEDs in 2001. The company's Opticube lens and reflectors make the brightest and most efficient LED headlights. while their LD500 remains the only rear safety light that can meet the rigorous CPSC standards for reflectivity.

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