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Specialized Road Bikes For Women

specialized road bikes for women

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    road bikes
  • (Road bike) A road bicycle is similar to a racing bicycle. However, road bikes are built more for endurance and less for fast bursts of speed, which is desired in a racing bicycle. They usually have more gear combinations and fewer hi-tech racing features.

  • (Road Bike) Another name for a bike most of us know as a 10 speed. This is a bicycle designed for riding on the road and built for speed. It has dropped handlebars, for aerodynamic purposes, narrow tires and is lightweight.

  • A motorcycle that meets the legal requirements for use on ordinary roads

  • A bicycle that is suitable for use on ordinary roads, as opposed to a mountain bike

  • (Road biking) Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling. It takes place primarily on paved surfaces. It includes recreational, racing, and utility cycling.

    for women
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specialized road bikes for women - SRAM X9

SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Trigger Shifter Set (9-Speed)

SRAM X9 Mountain Bike Trigger Shifter Set (9-Speed)

Updated with X.0 features for 2007 . Compatible with ESP (1:1 actuation ratio) rear derailleurs. Zero Loss Travel for super-precise shifting action. 2-step front shifting using Cable Cradle technology to equalize shifts. 2-position adjustable bar clamp for custom ergonomics. Not integrated with brake lever to allow use with various brake options (also upgradable to Avid Matchmaker). Composite and alloy construction with high quality finishing. Includes cables with on-the-bar cable change ability. Features: X.9 trigger has aluminum levers and precisely finished internals All SRAM front shifters work with all major brands of front derailleurs

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Produce: the story

Produce: the story

My friend Bob and I decided to go for a nice day ride. The plan was to leave his house at 7AM, ride for maybe an hour, then have breakfast, and then ride (a sort of open-ended thing). Wednesday evening he called and said the weather forecaster warned of a rainy commute. He didn’t mind an occasional shower, but didn’t want to leave in the rain. I told him that since we weren’t riding to work we wouldn’t get wet.

When I left at 6:30, the clouds looked mighty dark in the direction of his house. It started to rain slightly about a mile before I got there. Even though it wasn’t really raining, he didn’t seem inclined to leave. The good news was that he suggested making breakfast before making our executive decision. We had eggs benedict, fruit, and coffee.

We looked at the sky and the weather forecast and decided heading east seemed prudent. We decided to cross the Susquehanna at Conowingo. I got a little screwed up on the first plan to cross Muddy Creek and take the back way and later I gave Bob a little thrill as I turned off to go to the Conwingo park. He wasn’t paying attention and had to break hard. Didn’t sound like his ABS brakes functioned well as he did squeal his tire slightly and amuse me similarly.

There lots of buzzards or something similar hanging out there. I took a few pictures and walked down onto the rocks to get closer to the buzzards, but didn’t get too close, as they were kind of creepy. We started taking a walk on the path along the river. It was very pleasant, but I remembered that I left my riding jacket sitting on my seat. In the pockets were my cell phone, my wallet, my glasses, and a camera. We figured that was enough of a walk and headed back to the bikes. On the way he mentioned that he had made corn fritters the previous night and wished he had some kind of tool he had used in the past to help get the corn off the cob. He figured that there should be some kind of Amish store in Lancaster that would have such a tool.

I suggested we should try Good’s Store in Quarryville. It’s kind of like a Mennonite Wal-Mart. I think the owners and most employees are an older order Mennonite group. Many women wear the long flowered dresses and the little net head coverings. He didn’t find what he was looking for, but we had a pretty good time looking around. I bought some big colorful handkerchiefs. Bob wanted to buy the black kind of hat you see on some of the Amish and Mennonite men. They didn’t have it in his size. He bought a sort of normal hat suitable for camping or working outside. We also got directions to 2 Amish stores that might have the corn tool.

The first store was pretty large and seemed to specialize in tools and hardware. Several men with big beards were working. Bob asked about the tool and they told him they didn’t have it, but maybe Fisher’s would (the 2nd place we were headed to next). We took a quick look around: I really wasn’t shopping for any tools and it was pretty hard to see what they had since there were no lights. I’m not sure about the rules regarding electricity. They sold all kinds of high end power tools. As we were leaving, Bob got a call from his wife. When he finished his call, he wanted to take a picture of the produce stand in the parking lot. Then we headed to Fisher’s.

Fisher’s sells fabric, sewing supplies, and house wares. They too, didn’t have electric lights, but there were a couple of Coleman lanterns hanging up. All the help we saw in this store was female. The rather striking thing was that they were all barefoot. Bob told the young woman (she might have been as young as 14) what he was looking for. He initially didn’t find what he envisioned, but she showed him something designed for his purpose which he did buy.

I’m pretty sure we weren’t the typical customers in either of the Amish stores. I’m kind of curious if they have better prices than conventional stores

Bob took the lead on the way home. We had some fabulous roads in Amish country and along the river. It was a wonderful, memorable day.

Team Prep, Stage 3

Team Prep, Stage 3

Stage 3 of the Nature Valley Grand Prix in Cannon Falls, MN. The stage was called off due to dangerously bad weather. This was before the clouds set in so it was hot, humid, and windy. So windy that setting up a tent wasn't a viable option so the team prepped in the parking lot across from Econo-Foods.

A special thanks to Team Colovita's mechanic for letting us borrow their tire pump.

From left: Jennifer Purcell, Elle Anderson, Leia Tyrrell, and Kimberly Turner.

Taken by Cory Funk.

specialized road bikes for women

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